New blog post: My Writing Day

Writers often get asked about their writing routines and schedules. I do only have one steadfast rule, and that is to write something every day.

That being said, when writer and editor Rob McLennan asked me a few months ago to be a part of his ‘my (smallpress) writingday’ blog I was happy to contribute and participate.

My desk. Note the whiteboard calendar, which I stopped writing on in March 2020. I haven’t scheduled anything since then! The handsome gentleman in the front of the calendar is my grandad, Thomas Farrow Smith. The dog is Penny. Yes, that is snow outside.

If you know a writer who would like to submit his/her/their “writing day” description, contact Rob at

To check out my submission, click here.

One thing I’ve changed about my writing day is the introduction of an ongoing notebook of things I’ve done and stuff I have to do. One the left-hand side of the page I write the date and everything I did that day for my writing, whether it be contacting someone, researching a topic, transcribing notes, ordering books, reading on my subject, editing something, or working on book promotion. Everything gets written down because it helps me keep track of my activities and, if I have a slow day (I have many!), I can flip back and look at what I’ve done. It encourages me and keeps me motivated. Plus, it generates new ideas.

Then, on the right-hand side of the page I have a To Do list, and I add to it whenever something comes up. And when I finish a task, I cross it out and write DONE. Very satisfying.

I’m not the most organized person, so I have to find ways that work for me. Researching and writing a book isn’t done just by one person, it takes a team of people. Granted, the author is the one coordinating everything, and, initially spending time and money getting the project off the ground. So, with all the different aspects that need to be wrangled, I find that keeping a record of my activities in the notebook really helps.

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